Reach a unique set of skills and physical abilities with IgniteFit

Let’s reach your fitness goals together. Whether you are dreaming of a career as a firefighter, or simply want to train like one you will find all the right info in this article. We combine the passion for what we do with our love and respect for this incredible profession. We realized a workout program that mirrors our advices to get “firefighting fi”’. Here is detailed explanation on how to succeed in this aspiring fitness journey. Ready to start a Firefighting Training in Miami getting the right support?

Who is this program for?

Everyone can follow our at-home and gym-based workout program. Our preparation is designed to meet both physical goals and more specific occupational goals. Men and women who want to get to the fitness level required to become a firefighter. But also Firefighters interested in competing in firefighter challenges or simply seeking a higher level of fitness. Basically anybody that wants to train like a firefighter can get in touch and get the right support.
Our workouts are free for anyone to use. For those that want the extra support, we can customize a dedicated program and supervise your sessions. We are here to motivate and support you both online, via our app, or in person, at our gym. 

Where does the training happen?

Our Firefighting Training in Miami combines online and offline support. We deliver most of the personal training remotely through our APP. The entire package starts with 3 sessions where you meet your personal trainer. Obviously it is important that you first connect with us face-to-face to clarify any doubt and analyse the different workout together. We will show you how to perform exercises and properly make the best of each training session. Therefore, we will ask you to come to our gym for those sessions.
So that you know where you will sweat, this is the location for the in-person training: 3009 Salzedo St, Coral Gables, FL 33134, United States.

Fit like a firefighter

Now we want to tell you why we should always look up to firefighters. They are selfless, brave and committed, ready to help and put themselves at risk to face dangerous situations and save lives. But they are not only amazing inspiring people. As they are constantly pushed to the limit, their fitness level is required to be on top at all times. Should you follow their workout to the letter, you could also build broad shoulders, strong back and everlasting endurance. Not to mention other benefits like improved cardiovascular health and metabolism.

Dreaming of a career as firefighter?

To start the journey of becoming a certified firefighter you have to build the stamina, endurance, power and strength to be able to perform in physically and mentally demanding situations. In fact, if you are willing to obtain a valid certification at one of the Fire academy in Florida you should consider how to fine tune your body and make sure you achieve the required fitness goals. To be able to attend any of these institutes you have to pass the PAT. The firefighter physical tests assess whether you have the physical strength to competently perform work-related physical tasks as needed.

Mandatory physical test

An eligible candidate’s preparation is essential. The academies only recruit individuals who are physiologically capable of tolerating the work-related demands of this challenging role. For example, to apply for the MDC Fire Academy you have to succeed on a 8-minute mandatory examination that makes sure you are physically-fit. This physical selection process consists of five timed events designed to measure your fitness, strength and endurance. Don’t underestimate this preparation, make sure you dedicate enough time to reach the required physical level.

Do you want to get your certification in Florida? We invite all the aspiring students to carefully check all the requirements the different schools want you to provide. Also for the Broward Fire Academy, the physical training is part of the class. You need to be in good shape to pass the physical ability test. The CPAT events are stair climb, hose drag, and equipment carry. Then make sure you prepare yourself for the physical nature of the job and the demands of the test.


The physical abilities test, also known as PAT, is used to assess whether or not a specific employee possesses the strength, stamina, and flexibility to meet the manual needs of a job. This mandatory test is an assessment of the inherent requirements of firefighting and has been designed specifically to identify and recruit individuals who are physiologically capable of tolerating the work-related demands of this job. Follow a recommended firefighting training in Miami that guarantees competency in the PAT.

The right firefighting training

We encourage you to start training as soon as possible to dedicate at least three full months to this weekly workout.
Contact a specific Firefighting Training in Miami, like IgniteFit, to train in the best possible way. Make sure you have an expert and specialized personal trainer with a specific fitness program focused on this career path. Our APP and in-person session will show you how to properly perform each exercise and how it relates to the physical demands required of firefighters.

Job-simulation events

You should expect to perform tasks designed to assess important physical abilities necessary for effective job performance as a firefighter. For example, stair climb with equipment, ladder raise, hoseline hoist, forcible entry, search, rescue, and ceiling hook. All these tasks mirrors real situations that firefighters encounter on emergency scenes. The job-simulation events will be timed in a continuous series. The test has a cutoff time, if the candidate fails to complete the course in the allowed time unfortunately it will result in disqualification. Moreover, examples of physical abilities tests include assessments of an employee’s cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, or muscular power.

How long should I train?

It is recommended that you begin the program from the beginning rather than jumping in part way through. This program is the safest and most effective if you follow it in its entirety. Moreover, if possible we highly recommend to take plenty of time to train. You should start training as soon as possible even if you are joining the academy the following year. IgniteFit training program is 3 months, but you can start whenever you are ready and continue until you get into the school. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to get more information and start your program with one of our experienced personal trainers. We use our competencies, experience, passion and technology to offer the best and most affordable firefighting trainman in Miami.

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