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JustTrain Feature Highlight

Business Management

JustTrain is an All in one Personal Trainer Software designed to help you in all aspects of Personal Training. It’s a platform on which you digitally put and access all of your personal training information.

As a personal trainer, we know that you love getting your client motivated and fit. We also know that you do not have a choice and have to do purely business related tasks. Like registering orders, payments, send invoices pay taxes and so on. Let’s look at how you deal with these tasks using JustTrain

Register Leads & Clients. Gather their information

To Register a Client or a Lead in JustTrain, Head to the Business section of the app. Then select Clients then click the + icon.

Personal Trainer Software: Add a client

Once a client is added, you can assign a session and package that you previously created

Offer or sell a session or package

Staying in the Business section, choose services and press the + button. After that, You can choose to sell (or offer by setting a price of $0) a package or a single session. Once the service in your list, you can assign it to any of your client by selecting the client in the list and pressing the + button

Add a Service in JustTrain

Invoices and reporting

To enable invoices and reporting, you need to head to the App Shortcut section and select settings. Once you have filled in your company information and tax related fields; you can start invoicing your client right from the Personal Trainer Software.

Head to the Client screen of the Business Section and select a client. For any session or package assigned, you can generate and send an invoice to your client by sliding a client’s session to the left and clicking invoice.

Personal Trainer Software: Generate an invoice

Receive Payments

You can Register payment transactions in JustTrain for either Cash Payments or Credit Cards Payments via Stripe.

To register a Cash Payment, select your client in the Business view and choose payments at the top. Use the + button to register a cash Payment

Personal Trainer Software: Register a payment

JustTrain a Personal Trainer Software available to you and to your clients. So there is an app for you, and an app for your clients. Your clients can use the same approach to send you Credit Card Payments. But it requires you to first setup a Stripe account.

Here is the step by step guide to configure credit card payments:


Multi-device and backups

A good and full personal trainer software should enable you to run all of your activity from a single platform and in a unified and simple interface on any device. Therefore, It should always be available to you and your clients and work anywhere you are.

JustTrain is available on Desktop via the web version, iOS and Android. So is JustTrain Client, the App we have built for your clients.



Online Training: Revenue extension and diversification

If you are already training some clients fully remotely that’s awesome. But if you are not, you should really read our article about the 3 business concepts a Self Employed Personal Trainer should know about. Then start diversifying and extending your revenue by training clients fully remotely.

JustTrain helps you guide and track your clients and their fitness journey. Wether they live in your city, or on the other side of the planet.