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Coach & Client Apps


Enjoy greater peace of mind with your clients schedule and multiple coaches time organized perfectly/precisely in just a few minutes


Create programs, Monitor your clients progress and optimize their activity to help them achieve real life-changing results


Chat, send reminders and promote new programs. With the client app, your are always connected to your clients and them to you


Coaches can easily collect client information, signatures and preferences through the form feature. Whether it’s gathering health history, fitness goals, or dietary preferences, this tool streamlines the onboarding process and allows coaches to tailor their coaching to individual client needs.

Program Links
The program links and schedule feature simplifies the delivery of coaching programs and resources. Coaches can share direct links to specific coaching programs, workouts, or educational content. This facilitates easy access for clients and ensures that they’re always connected to the right materials, streamlining the learning and coaching process.

Comunity chat
The comunity chat feature enables coaches to foster a sense of community among their clients. Coaches and clients can engage in group discussions, share experiences, and motivate each other. This feature encourages mutual support and creates a collaborative atmosphere, enhancing the overall coaching experience.

Branded App
JustTrain offers coaches the option to create a branded client app. This means that coaches can personalize the app with their own logo, color scheme, and branding elements. The branded app not only strengthens the coach’s professional image but also offers a consistent and recognizable coaching experience to clients.


Efficient Schedule Management
Coaches can easily set their availability, making it simple for clients to book sessions during open slots. This minimizes the back-and-forth communication typically associated with scheduling.

Comprehensive Progress Tracking
Coaches can track clients’ progress. This feature allows coaches to record and monitor various aspects of their clients’ development, which can vary depending on the coaching niche. 

Communication Hub
The platform includes messaging capabilities, allowing coaches to communicate with clients. This fosters real-time interaction and eliminates the need for external communication tools.

Offline and Online 
Whether clients seek in-person guidance, a connected coaching journey with real-time feedback, remote support, or fully online coaching, JustTrain’s adaptable features empowers you to engage clients in a way that best meets their needs.


Payment Tracking
JustTrain simplifies financial management for coaches by offering robust payment tracking tools. Coaches can easily monitor client payments, view transaction histories, and track revenue in real-time. This feature ensures that coaches have complete visibility into their earnings and can maintain organized financial records.

Finance Overview
JustTrain provides coaches with a comprehensive finance overview dashboard. This dashboard offers a snapshot of their financial performance, including income, expenses, and net earnings. Coaches can access financial reports, track client payments, and assess their overall business performance at a glance.

Payment Gateway Integration
The platform seamlessly integrates with secure payment gateways, enabling coaches to accept payments from clients. Clients can make payments conveniently, and coaches can choose from various payment methods, such as credit cards or digital wallets. JustTrain ensures secure and reliable transactions, offering peace of mind to both coaches and clients.


Onboarding Support
We’re with you every step of the way, especially during onboarding. As you get acquainted with our platform, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience our client app. This firsthand experience helps you understand your clients’ perspective and equips you with the empathy and knowledge you need to support your clients effectively. We want you to feel confident and comfortable using JustTrain so you can provide a top-notch coaching experience.

In-App Chat Support
As a coach on JustTrain, you’ll have access to our in-app chat support, designed with your convenience in mind. Have a question about platform features? Need quick assistance with a coaching session? Reach out anytime! Our real-time chat support ensures you’re just a message away from expert help. It’s a direct line to efficient issue resolution, guidance, and seamless support for both you and your clients.

Data Migration Services
Transitioning to our platform is made effortless with our data migration services. We’ll take care of transferring your existing coaching data, such as client records, progress history, and coaching materials, onto our platform. This proactive service saves you time and effort, ensuring that your valuable data isn’t lost in the transition. We’re committed to making your migration experience smooth and hassle-free.

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