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Client info andΒ 
Client Logs

Gathering and updating client Information

JustTrain is a personal trainer application. With it, you or your client can fill in and track important information over time. This can be done via JustTrain for Personal Trainer and via the Client application.

To add or update information about your client, head to the Client page of the Fitness Tracking section. From there, when sliding the client’s name towards the left, you get access to your client’s:

  • Fitness Goals
  • Lifestyle information
  • Measurements

You can add the information and update it afterwards. All information ever entered is kept so we can track changes overtime.

Here are the informations that are available for tracking. If you need more, please reach out and we would be happy to add extra fields:

Personal Trainer Application: Client information


JustTrain Client Log

As information is added or updated about your client, they appear in your client’s Log. Which contains all the history about your client. On top of being able to inform and update the above information, you and your client can add progress pictures, documents, links, and even chat in the client log.

This way, you have all information and all of your client’s history in one single place.

Personal Trainer Application: Client logs


Visualizing Change Over time

With the filter, you and your clients can quickly see how change happened over time. For example, you can choose to only display measurement information over time and track the weight changes. This can also be used to track payments, workout completions, progress picture etc…

For all data that contains numbers, we are working on a graph generation tool within JustTrain. Which will allow for even more data over time visualization. The idea is for example to choose the weight and ask for a graph based on the data available. This will be available for all workout exercises as well.
We will update this post and send you an email as soon as the feature is ready. So if you have not registered and tried JustTrain yet, now is the time to do it