Training is awesome

Back in 2014 when I was training  5-6 times a week and was spending more time at the gym than ever before; I used to have this great routine: I would head to the gym, drink a coffee while chatting with the friendly staff at Sportcity Haarlem and observe people walking in and out of the gym. After 15 minutes, when I felt like I was ready for the action, I would head to the workout area and go for it. Finally after 45 to 60 minutes training, I get in the sauna, relax and meditate then finally take a great cold shower, as I call it… the hard reset.

Many times before and many times after this period, I would see personal trainers walking around with their clients and their notebooks, take a note here, take a not there and it truly clicked in my mind. “Personal training is not only about the training”! I always considered the PTs rates as high, and like with many things in life, when you do not know much about it, you underestimate the amount of work needed. I then decided to speak with all the personal trainers around me, and surprisingly not; I realized that the freelance personal trainers have to Pay fees to the gym. Take care of accounting, pay taxes, prepare before meeting a client, reach conclusions after meeting a client, always be on call for appointments scheduling, consistently market themselves, have an online presence…

Self employed Personal Trainers need help

All of that is so much more than what we see them doing, and they have such a noble work. I mean litterally, personal trainers spend their day keeping people healthy, physically and mentally! I then realized, that indeed prices were justified and asked myself:

What can I do, to help them help us? Given my entrepreneur mindset, and my background in software technologies, the obvious answer was that I would put together a software solution that would help self employed personal trainer, and possibly with that; Lower their cost and make personal training potentially more affordable.

4 years later and after much effort and sweat, JustTrain is finally available on the web, and Android and on iOS. Now it is time to spread the word and see if the execution, is as good as the vision.

So if like me, you believe that personal trainers are awesome; and you would like to participate in simplifying their lives so they can make ours greater in return; then spread the word