Turning JustTrain into a personal trainer workout builder software

In august; we finally added a first version of workout planning. Turning JustTrain into a personal trainer workout builder software

When a session is assigned to a personal trainer’s client; it can now be selected and 3 types of steps can be assigned to the session in an ordered list: Weight exercise, Cardio exercise and Rest.
Making it a very fast, flexible and simple workout builder. Similar to a personal trainer planner book, it is now very easy to go back and find out what the client last worked on.

We also added a simple mechanism to log and get feedback on how the client did for each workout step. By selecting the satisfaction level for each step; you or your client can indicated the performance for each workout. Looking back at the workout; each feedback is easily visible with the rating color.

Both of these functionalities are available on the personal trainer’s and client’s app. So the free app users can enter all data in the app for history and tracking purposes while the advanced users can enjoy getting the feedback straight from the client.

On the next iteration of this feature, we plan on adding a personal trainer design templates program within JustTrain. Allowing you to build templates from existing database of exercise and video, then assign them to the clients. Making the personal trainer workout builder software even more efficient and valuable.

What else

Finally and based on some users feedback; we made adjustment on how the lists of sessions are ordered and how currencies display.

Check out the latest version and let us know what you think!