About JustTrain

Ok, ok; JustTrain is the best personal trainer free app that helps with administration, accounting, planning, workout and much more. And we, at Haredev are developers, marketers and designers that love tech!

The previous JustTrain: CoachApp Pro

Before we built JustTrain, we built CoachApp Pro! a simple personal trainer app to track clients. We decided to build it for Android due to my software development experience and within 3 months, had a first minimal version on the play store. The app at this point simply had a list of client, and gave the ability to personal trainer’s to add sessions and payment.

As explained in this post, the goal was not to make money but really in a first place, help personal trainers. So we ran a small google adwords campaign and within a month had many visits on the website and app download; confirming the need for a free personal trainer software download.

But what happened next was even more interesting! After using the application for a week, users would simply stop using it. And we received many messages asking for:

  • An iOS version of the software
  • Personal trainer payment options
  • Personal training record keeping
  • An appointment diary
  • A workout builder feature

Given that at that time I was only working on CoachApp Pro part time and had very litle resource to assign to it; we had to prioritize and understand what is the most needed. So we put links on the website to check which feature users would choose versus another. Here are the results:

  • iOS version 40%
  • Appointment management and client app 26%
  • Workout planner 23%
  • Payment support 8%
  • Accounting 3%

As a lesson,
we realized that one person working part time and a few contractors were not enough to build all that is required.
That we had to build the app such that we can easily evolve the iOS, Android and the web version at once. And finally that we were seriously missing some features and that most of our users wanted an all in one solution.

If you are a personal trainer or tried CoachApp Pro before, you should definately download JustTrain, the best personal trainer free app and let us know what you think