What’s a personal trainer appointment book?

You guessed it, it is a planner with dated page that enable you to memorize your appointment dates and help you avoid things like double booking, no-shows. And as a personal trainer you definitely need one; if you do not have one yet, you should go ahead and get a simple planner at the corner store; or find specialized personal trainer appointment book/planner online. Let’s take a look at what a personal trainer appointment book /planner has to offer:

  • View when you are available so you can schedule a session
  • Avoid forgetting an appointment and potentially loosing a client/money
  • Go back in history and review previous sessions for billing purpose
  • In some cases, take notes about the session itself

Indeed, it is a critical tool for a personal training business!

The appointment book drawbacks

A personal trainer appointment book is great! but some aspects of it makes it a far-from-ideal tool

Forgetting it

This morning, you left home in a rush and forgot your planner. You arrive at the gym and have a first great session with Tom! By the end of it you are unsure of when your next session is and wether you have the time to squeeze in your own workout. You look in your bag only to realize you now have 2 options, potentially do just half of your training, or go back home to pick up your appointment book and risk missing your next session or part of it…
Oh, by the way Tom wants to book his next session and you are unable to say when it will be possible… This is just bad business and over time may cost you a few clients! And what would happen if you forgot it in a train?

Having to Synchronize it

Indeed to avoid being stuck when you forget it at home, you could memorize it each night; or synchronize it to your phone’s calendar. In any case you probably have to synchronize it with your phone, since your phone calendar might have events during which you should not book personal training sessions.
That’s right, there is no way around it! And it is extremely time consuming

Lack of discipline

Since your personal trainer appointment book becomes your source of truth, you must keep it updated at any time! If you don’t you will not be able to trust it, and again you may not show up to appointments, double book some of your clients etc.

Cancelling or re-scheduling appointments

if like many people, you like to keep things clean. You may scream every-time you see your personal trainer appointment book! Cancelling and re-scheduling is part of the business, just like change is part of life. It should not mean you need to look at something that’s not clean every day!

Introducing the new personal trainer appointment book

Using your phone calendar

Like many personal trainers, you are probably simply using your phone calendar to keep track of your appointments! And this is a wise decision! Despite taking away the pen writing part your life, It basically solves all problems caused by a physical appointment book.

One more thing

Now life is great! you show up to all your appointments and never double book! Your customer are happy and your business is safe. It’s Saturday evening and Tom has decided to go out! He whatsapp you to re-schedule his monday 6am (he knows how bad hangovers are at 29!) and asks you if it can be moved to 7am. Sadly you already have someone else scheduled for that time… So you kindly let him know that next slot available on monday would be 8:30. He gets back to you on sunday asking about monday evening…
You know exactly how it goes and how much time is wasted on those discussions. Time you could use discussing his goals, nutrition, motivation etc…

With most phone calendar, it is possible to open it to your clients such that they can directly see when you are available then make a request. Sadly, unless you and your clients are tech geniuses; this is extremely difficult to use.

The ultimate personal trainer appointment book

To prevent you from loosing clients, money, and time. We have crafted the perfect personal trainer appointment book in JustTrain! and here is what it offers:

  • It’s in your phone so no risk to forget it at home 😉
  • It’s backed up and available on all your devices
  • It synchronizes with your device calendars so you do not waste time doing the synchronization yourself
  • It has reminders and will remind you to keep it up to date
  • It’s always clean!
  • It’s really simple to use

We did not stop there:

  • Without wasting time, your client can see when you are busy. Wether you are training someone else or simply have an event in your personal calendar.
  • Your client can synchronize his/her calendar too. So you can see when he/she is busy
  • If there is still need for back and forth, notifications and a few taps will suffice to re-schedule a session

With JustTrain, avoid no-shows, double booking and wasting time. Combined with a workout planner, payment and accounting system, client tracker… this is the ultimate personal trainer appointment book. Try it today