Rome was not built in one day: Initial workout builder

Sometime ago we released a new feature in JustTrain: The workout builder.

Giving you the possibility to specify the activities that your clients are to follow during a session. This was particularly important to include in JustTrain so you do not have to open 3 different apps, your excel sheet and notebook in order to remember what you did with your client last time, and what you should tackle now. Along with that, a simple rating system was added so you and your client could remember how well each activity was performed.
However the initial workout builder was lacking fluidity and clarity. Namely:

  • It was not possible to create a template workout and assign is to a client
  • Activities (Cardio, Weight, Rest) could not simply be copied or re-ordered
  • There was no library of well known exercises to use

At that point the feature was useful and compared to a simple paper form, or the classic notebook. It still provided your clients with an easy to read workout plan and the ability to rate activities when they were not working out with you. Allowing you to effortlessly track and visualize your clients progress.

Make it, make it work, make it better

The 3 points above have now been addressed and you can:

  • Create workout templates
  • Duplicate/Re-order exercises
  • Use an existing library of exercises with pictures

Check it out, and better direct and follow your clients today!