The Bridge

In it’s minimal version, JustTrain enables you to Track everything in one app. On it’s own, this minimal and free version helps you save much time and enables you to focus on what you love doing. The full version however is a real bridge between you and your clients.
On top of you being able to track everything, your client is able to update his or her information. Indicate when a session is completed, rate the exercises, request an appointment, and see that there is a missing payment.
You did let us know that tracking personal information like weight, body measurements, diet logs is critical to you succeeding in your mission. And we have heard you! We turned JustTrain into an even better Client tracking software

Client tracking software

You can now find in JustTrain, under the client section a timeline view with all of your client details and history! When they completed a session, how they rated it, when a payment was made, how weight, body measurements and goals have evolved over time, progress pictures, diet logs, questions…

This enables you to better follow your client and not have information scattered across several places! Quickly view your client details before a session so you have all details in mind and better connect with them!

Boosting your brand

Now think of your clients and their experience when they are working with you! On top of the great services you already provide, they now get an app in which they can log and view their progress overtime! They can see their body fat lowering, their weight increasing, how they looked 3 months ago compared to now, what you are suggesting them to eat this week… This is really powerful and will definately help them reach their goals and be greatly satisfied with you.

This is not all! We are going the extra mile and if you wish to have your own Branded Client App on the app and play store! We will make and manage it for you!

Do not wait any longer

If you are not using JustTrain, give it a try today!

If you are using the minimal and free version, Take a look at the client Log, and upgrade so you can save more time and your client’s can enjoy it’s benefits too!

Finally, if you are already using JustTrain platinum version. Let your clients know about the new feature and reach out to us if you are interested in the Branded Client App